Urban Design and Subdivision




From pre feasibility and due diligence, Allerding & Associates has progressed land development from concept design through to negotiation and achievement of approvals.  This has included the preparation of rezoning requests and documentation through to statutory structure plans and detailed subdivision design and approval. This is followed through to the co-ordination of condition clearances if required with commensurate engagement with multidisciplinary teams to project completion.

Allerding & Associates has second to none expertise in the statutory planning approval process and extends its experience in negotiation at the highest levels of local and State government in order to achieve approvals.


For building development, changes to the Residential Design Codes have unlocked greater capacity to contemplate multiple dwellings developments where previously this was not possible.  With its Director as an inaugural committee member that developed the Codes, Allerding & Associates has extensive experience in the approval of mixed use and multiple storey developments including contemplation of design principles and performance criteria in order to achieve compliance with the Codes. 

Allerding & Associates is involved from the start to the finish and clients can be comforted by the fact that our company can take on board the negotiations necessary to accommodate their proposed development.