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Allerding & Associates is one of the foremost advocacy and expert planning based town planning firms in Western Australia. With the commencement of the State Administrative Tribunal in 2005, Allerding & Associates has played a significant role in representation for government and private clients alike in the capacity of adviser, advocate and expert witness for Development and Resource matters before the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT), or in providing expert evidence for compensation and contractual disputes before the Supreme Court.

The Firm offers a full range of planning services from residential, boutique and special planning projects to structure plans and major developments including client representation at the State Administrative Tribunal and other Arbitration Hearings.

The Firm’s services in relation to Appeals and advocacy include:

1.Management and coordination of Appeals before SAT. This includes co-ordination of all attendees/witnesses and their associated documentation, as well as administrative coordination with the Tribunal;

2.Preparation of SIFC documents and associated documentation including s24 bundles, diagrams and graphics as required;

3.Coordination and attendance at Directions Hearings, Case Management Conferences and Mediations;

4.Negotiation and preparation of Consent Orders;

5.Preparation and/or coordination of all related Expert Witness Statements;

6.Attendance at Hearings as Advocate and/or Expert Witness including examination of Appellant and Respondent witnesses.

7.Liaison with legal practitioners as required including briefing and/or instructions to legal counsel in relation to jurisdictional or other legal issues that may arise from time to time.

A key philosophy of the practice is to ensure that representation meets client needs and expectations whilst being based upon sound town planning principles. Our services involve a high level of service to clients with representation and follow up commensurate with project requirements.

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