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With Perth’s population set to exceed 2.2 million by 2031, the demand for residential infill development has never been more important. The State Government has planned for increased infill development to accommodate this planned growth and for a population that is ageing and requiring appropriate care and medical facilities.

Accommodating new infill development is often sensitive especially in established character areas and appropriate consideration of the Residential Design Code requirements, whether for a new single residential development, grouped development or multiple storey apartment development, is essential in being able to navigate the planning process and ensure a development that is both capable and appropriate for approval.

Allerding and Associates provides advice to owners and works collaboratively with architects and designers. We prepare submissions to review and support development applications to local government or Joint Development Assessment Panels after careful review of the planning framework in which a property sits.

Consultation with local government and other stakeholders forms part of that role and assists in developing a proposal that has appropriately considered the necessary planning parameters prior to lodgement, or where subsequent reviews are required.

In addition to housing, Allerding and Associates has been involved in numerous aged care, residential care, lifestyle villages and medical and commercial facilities either separately or as part of a mixed use proposal that complements and provides necessary amenities for Perth’s growing and ageing population.

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