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Bushfire Assessments

Allerding & Associates has recently introduced a bushfire consulting arm to the organisation to complement the long-standing planning services that we have provided since inception in 2006.

Allerding & Associates offers bushfire consultancy services with a focus on effective, risk-based land use planning and development to preserve life and reduce the impact of bushfire on property and infrastructure. The services we offer include:

Preparation of Bushfire Management Plans;

Preparation of Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plans;

Due diligence including review of Bushfire Attack Levels to determine possible future design outcomes and subdivision layout on land adjacent to bushfire prone vegetation;

Bushfire Attack Level assessment;

Bushfire Attack Level contour mapping;

Bushfire Hazard Level assessment and mapping; and

Negotiation and collaboration with Local Government, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services in relation to various matters involving bushfire prone land under often challenging environments.

It is clearly evident that a relationship exists between the skills possessed by planning consultants and bushfire consultants. This gives Allerding & Associates an advantage in the industry as we can identify the direct impact of bushfire on a proposed development site or layout at the outset of the proposal. The provision of these combined services also allows for continuity in the in the project timeline and avoids unnecessary duplication of time and resources.

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